Like Rats (Paperback) by Adam Watts

Image of Like Rats (Paperback) by Adam Watts


The apocalypse came and went. Blood was spilled, people were eaten alive in the streets by their friends and neighbours, and society fell hard on it's own stupid face. Standard end of the world fare.

Preston and Stan managed to miss the whole thing (because that's their special skill), and now they're marooned in a fenced-off village doing precisely nothing. It's no great problem for Preston, being that he's always been doing nothing, but Stan's got both eyes fixed on the horizon. He wants his day in that giant post-apocalyptic playground beyond the fences. Hollywood made promises of a certain nature, and he'll be damned if Preston's over-cautious hand-wringing is going to keep him caged.

After all, just because nobody ever comes back when they leave the village, doesn't mean there's anything bad out there... right?